Sunday, October 16, 2011

King Memorial Dedication A Great Day For Nonviolent Revolution

Today saw the formal dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C.

The Civil Rights Leader and Nonviolent Revolutionary
was enshrined on the National Mall, establishing his rightful place as one of the greatest leaders in the history of the United States of America

How Dr. King lived his life serves an example to us all.

He refused to give up amidst great tribulation, he refused to hate in the face of great ignorance and mortal danger, and he refused to back down regardless of the multitude of reasons to be afraid

This Memorial is not just a tribute to to the Civil Rights Movement or how much can be accomplished with nonviolent direct action.... it is most importantly a vibrant and lasting testament to the power of love. Dr. King did not view those who hated him and would do him harm as his enemies, instead he referred to them as 'brothers and sisters', ending his sermon about loving your enemies by saying,

So this morning, as I look into your eyes, and into the eyes of all of my brothers in Alabama and all over America and over the world, I say to you, "I love you. I would rather die than hate you."

Although the King Memorial is located a short distance from the Pentagon, Dr. King also made it very clear that he
opposed war as a viable solution for the United States to resolve or reconcile its foreign affairs.

Distinguished guests of the Dedication included Civil Rights leaders Andrew Young and Dr. Joseph Lowry and singer Aretha Franklin.

President Barack Obama gave an eloquent speech

"Dr. King refused to accept what he called the "isness" of today. He kept pushing towards the "oughtness" of tomorrow."

.... I just hope the President remembers those words and considers the legacy of Dr. King the next time he assesses the cost of our current wars or how well assassinations and drone strikes are working to help forward Dr. King's dream.

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